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Ph.D. in English

Admission Requirements

Interested students must have a Master’s degree in English or an allied discipline, with a minimum of 55 percent. The selection of candidates will be based on an assessment of the application materials, especially the quality and originality of the research proposal. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an on-site written test and interview with a panel of faculty members after which a final decision will be taken.

Writing a PhD Proposal

The most difficult and time consuming aspect of applying for a PhD admission  is the preparation of the proposal. The proposal may take up to three  months to prepare and it is always a good idea to be in touch with an experienced academic as you write up the proposal. You are very welcome to get in touch a member of the English Department at Shiv Nadar University to discuss your proposal. Please have a look at our website to pick a faculty member whose research interests coincides with yours.

A  PhD proposal typically consists of three parts (a) a review of existing work in the field (b) a clear indication of your point of departure from existing scholarship, since a PhD, by definition requires “an original contribution to knowledge”  and (c) an elaboration of the thesis you plan to develop. It is not mandatory that your proposal adhere strictly to the above format. You are welcome to write your proposal as a free flowing essay, but it is essential that you engage seriously with the three points made above.

A proposal is typically 2000-2500 words long. Please try to keep your proposal within that word limit. However, our main criterion for evaluating a proposal is its quality, and we may forgive word count violations if the quality of your proposal is outstanding.