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M.A. (English)

The M.A. program in English is awarded on the successful completion of 16 courses including an individually supervised thesis in the final semester. The department combines various forms of pedagogy including lectures, seminars, and intensive individual supervision with the aim of enabling the student to discover his or her research interests. Admission to the M.A. comes with substantial funding in the form of teaching and research assistantships and is based on a competitive entrance test.

The M.A. in English at SNU is designed to combine rigour with creativity. It takes students through the significant moments in English literary history and world literature but it also incorporates courses in critical and cultural theory, translation, creative writing and visual theory. Our pedagogy includes classroom lectures designed to gradually draw a student into the complexity of texts, and also more interactive, seminar based formats possible only with small groups. Above all, our excellent student-teacher ratio has enabled us to put in place a rigorous, multi-tiered, and varied program of writing that will include compulsory courses in academic writing, good writing for the general public, and writing narratives. Most of these writing activities are based on intensive one-to-one interactions between teacher and student. Through such interactions, we hope to prepare the student to write a substantially researched 8,000-word thesis at the end of the program. We see potential academics in our best students and we are committed to supporting them through their research careers in every way possible. Moreover, in addition to furthering the student's academic growth, the M.A. program also equips students with the skills needed for a range of competitive exams as well as for careers in publishing and the media. 

Shiv Nadar University is unique in offering M.A. students significant funding in the form of research and teaching assistantships. This enables selected students to substantially defray the cost of their education and also to gain early and valuable experience in teaching and research. 

The annual intake for SNU's M.A. English program is restricted to 10 students and the competition for admission into it is intense.

Learning Outcomes:

The M.A. ( English) is an advanced degree that imparts the knowledge required to (a) teach English courses at the high school level, (b) sit for the NET examination and then apply for postions in undergraduate colleges, (c) sit for the GRE examination for a PhD in the United States (d), apply for Ph.D. programs in England and other Eurpean countries, and (e) sit for other competitive examinations such as the IAS.

In addtion the M.A. programme is oriented towards developing different styles of writing, organizational and comprehension skills. This set of advanced skills make our M.A. graduates suitable for jobs in the media, law, and advertising.