Ph.D. Program | Department of English

Ph.D. Program

The English Department's doctoral program comprises coursework and the completion of an 80,000 to 100,000 word thesis. The department is equipped to offer expert supervision in a range of areas. All admitted Ph.D. students are offered a stipend that enables them to carry out their research without financial stress.

The doctoral program is for a duration of 4 years and in exceptional cases may be extended by a maximum of 1 year. Requirements for a Ph.D. in English are:

(a) Coursework: A Ph.D. candidate will be required to complete a number of courses before she writes her dissertation. The department will take into account the qualification of a candidate before deciding the number of courses she is required to d

(b) Writing a Dissertation: The most important component of a Ph.D. in English is an original 80,000 to 100,000 words thesis on a predesignated topic that candidate will be required to complete through the course of her PhD .

(c) Oral Examination: After the dissertation has been evaluated by three external examiners and found to be worthy of a Ph.D. degree, the candidate will be required to appear for an oral examination.

Areas of Research at SNU

The English faculty at SNU has wide-ranging, interdisciplinary research training reinforced by diverse learning and teaching experience in Indian and international universities.

It encourages students to apply for PhDs in the following areas: the novel in 19th century England and Europe, the early novel in India, the novel in Indian languages, vernacular literary cultures, Dalit studies, translation studies, the contemporary novel, fantasy, literary theory, the relationship between the literary and visual, cultural connotations of disease and medicine in 19th century England and India, gender and sexuality, forms of narrative after the novel, literature and technology, digital humanities, print journalism in 19th century England and India, folklore studies, language change in north India.

Please look at the faculty pages to know the specializations of individual faculty members.