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Associate Professor
Department of English
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SoHSS)
Block-E block, Shiv Nadar University
Gautam Budha Nagar Uttar Pradesh
Profile Summary 

Tulika Chandra has been actively involved in academics, research, and administration for the past 20 years. She is a Ph.D. (Linguistics) from JNU. She joined SNU as a founding faculty in 2011 and has been actively involved in varied committees and has served as Dean Student Welfare for three years. She has also been the UG advisor for the Department of English. She has a firm belief in gender justice. She has held various administrative positions and has been involved as an editor for in-house magazines and newsletters at the previous workplaces. She takes sessions as a story-teller to the young juveniles who are in conflict with the law and also to those children who are residing at the various children shelter homes in Delhi. She is also a folklore collector and is working on active projects - 'Documentation of Folktales through Digitization' in Braj area (District Mathura in UP, India) which involves the collection, classification, and interpretation of folk narratives, it uses a traditional methodological and theoretical approach to describe and analyze the development of the regional Indian native folkloristic tradition and another project - ‘Folk Genre of Rural Community Women: Patrons in Preservation of Folklore which is empirical research that employs oral folk expressions carried on for many generations by the women in Gautam Budh Nagar villages (Western Uttar Pradesh, India) with an added interest in recording, preserving and disseminating digitally giving it stability and continuity. Her publications include books, book chapters, and articles published in journals. She is in the process of translating folktales and folk songs from Braj language & Hindi into English. She is also involved in transcription and editing folktales for an Anthology. Dr. Chandra has worked on the Project: “Acoustic Analysis of Speech Sounds of Various Cases of Defects”, sponsored by ICMR, New Delhi. She was involved in research on the Kurukh Tribals of Jharkhand, Her area of interest is in the field of Translation Studies, Regionalism and Narratives in Folklore, Folkloristics, and English Language Teaching.

She has a background in developing and implementing programs for students who are second-language learners. She has designed and taught courses based on student needs. She has received the SNU Faculty Excellence Award for outstanding commitment and dedication to the advancement of Shiv Nadar University during 2011-14.

Dr. Chandra was selected to be one of the US-Exchange members in a twenty-day program titled: ‘Women in University Administration’ from South and Central Asia program, a premier professional exchange program in June 2016, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

Dr. Chandra presented a public lecture and presentation “Unfinished Stories: Hindu Scripture and Jewish Midrash” on October 16, 2017. This event was sponsored by the Vedantic Center of Nebraska, and the UNO Schwalb Center for Israel & Jewish Studies University of Nebraska at Omaha. The event was a public lecture as well as an evening of presentation and conversation with Tulika Chandra and Rabbi Aryeh Aziel professor Center for Israel & Jewish Studies University of Nebraska at Omaha, on Hindu and Jewish traditions, storytelling, stories and to explore the deeper meanings, allowing for dialogue with all those present. The program was broadcasted by the Omaha Local Radio.

She believes in developing innovative ways of classroom teaching so that the students are able to use their knowledge effectively in all walks of life. She aims to make students confident in generating and organizing their ideas in such a way that they become proficient in translating their thoughts into words.

Apart from the folklore, she is working on the notion of learner-centered instruction and the role of instructors in ELT Classrooms and is working on assessment & evaluation for UG programs in India.

Educational Qualifications 
Jawaharlal Nehru University
P.G. Diploma
Journalism and Mass Communication, NOU
M Phil
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Masters in Linguistics
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Work Experience 
Associate Professor ,
Shiv Nadar University
I currently work here
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Teaching & Research Interests:

Translation, Folkloristics, Preservation of Folktales, Folk-literature, Folklore & Identity, Development of Language, English Language Teaching, Phonetics, ESP, Language Acquisition, Business communication, Language skills

Courses Taught (Selected):

Linguistic Approaches to Literature (ENG242) 2017 Monsoon Semester, Introduction to Translation Studies (ENG243) 2018 Spring Semester 

Courses Taught at SNU since 2011:

  1. English For Engineers (ENG CCC) 2011 Monsoon Semester
  2. Fundamentals of Translation (ENG 102) 2012 Monsoon Semester
  3. Literature Identity & Theatre (ENG CCC) 2012 Monsoon Semester
  4. Development of Language (ENG 107) 2013 Spring Semester
  5. Language Literature & Communication (ENG 108) 2013 Monsoon Semester
  6. Fundamentals of Translation (ENG 102) 2013 Monsoon Semester
  7. Development of Language (ENG 107) 2014 Spring Semester
  8. Special Topics - Translation & Linguistics (ENG 295) 2014 Spring Semester
  9. Major Forms of Oral Discourse (CCC-S 313) 2014 Monsoon Semester
  10. Special Topics in Cultural Studies; Folklore (ENG 625) Monsoon Semester (PG) 2014 Monsoon Semester
  11. Folklore (ENG316) 2014 Monsoon Semester (UG)
  12. Fundamentals of Translation (ENG 102) Spring 2015
  13. Translation Criticism & Translation Project (ENG 414) 2015 Spring Semester
  14. Development and Acquisition of Language (ENG 213) Monsoon 2015
  15. Introduction to Phonetics (CCC 317) 2015 Monsoon Semester 1st half
  16. Introduction to Phonetics (CCC-S 317) 2015 Monsoon Semester 2nd half
  17. Global Folklore - in partnership with Ohio State University (ENG 325) 2016 Spring Semester
  18. Global Folklore- in partnership with Ohio State University (ENG 325) 2016 Monsoon Semester
  19. Independent Study 1: Folklore in the Oral Tradition (CCC 321) 2016 Summer Semester
  20. Folklore (ENG 316) 2017 Spring Semester
  21. Linguistic Approaches to Literature (ENG 242) 2017 Monsoon Semester
Conferences (Select): 
  1. Presentation of Research Paper ‘Timeless Folk Genre of Rural community Women: Patrons in Preservation of Folklore in our Digitally Connected World’ in the Annual Meeting of the American Folklore Society, October 16-19, 2019, Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Also chairing a session and was a mentor to graduate students during the AFS Annual Meeting.
  2. Presentation of Research Paper ‘Folk Narratives exemplifying the Supernatural Belief, Splendour, and extraordinary Giftedness in Braj (India)’, organized by ‘The ISFNR (International Society for Folk Narrative Research) - Belief Narrative Network’; Guwahati, India, 6th-8th February 2019 - Theme: Belief Narratives in Folklore Studies: Narrating the Supernatural.
  3. Presentation of Research Paper ‘Digital Archiving and Documentation of Folklore: Ideas and Challenges’ in the conference ‘The Idea of the Archive’ organized by School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University, 8th, and 9th March 2019.
  4. Individual Paper Presented: The American Folklore Society's 128th annual meeting, October 18-21, 2017 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Title of Individual Paper Presented: ‘Re-Creation at Braj Folk Community: They Have Let the Narratives Take a Fresh Breath’. The theme for the meeting was "Community: Resistance, Reclamation, and Re-Creation.”
  5. Individual Paper Presented: The American Folklore Society's 127th annual meeting Title of Individual Paper Presented: Narrators and their Narrations: Unfinished Stories in context of the intrusion of commercial exploitation, at American Folklore Society 2016 Annual Meeting with the International Society for Folk Narrative Research, October 19-22, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Miami, in Miami, Florida. The theme for the meeting was "Unfinished Stories: Folklife and Folk Narrative at the Gateway to the Future."

Tulika was selected to participate US Exchange Program WiU, a twenty-day Women in University Administration from South and Central Asia program, a premier professional exchange program in June 2016. The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) hosted the program, it was fully sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.

Tulika has received the SNU Faculty Excellence Award for outstanding commitment and dedication to the advancement of Shiv Nadar University during 2011-14.

Scholarly Activity

Books & Book Chapters


‘Traits of Transmission and Preservation: Interpreting Digital Versions of Folktales and Folksongs from India’ in book-ed. ‘Folk Belief and Traditions of the Supernatural’; Beewolf Press; Denmark 2016 ISBN-13: 978-8799633142


'ESP (English for Specific Purposes): English in Mass Communication' - Ed. Dr. Vaishna Narang 'Contemporary Themes and Issues in Language Pedagogy’ Vol 1 2014, Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi pgs 207-230

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