Uday Kanungo shares his experiences from Edinburgh Summer School | Department of English

Uday Kanungo shares his experiences from Edinburgh Summer School

Uday Kanungo (Masters, class of 2018) was selected to attend the Scottish Universities Summer School Program at the Ediburgh University in the summer of 2017. Here he shares his experience and exposure.

"At the end of last Winter semester, I was fortunate enough to get selected for the SUISS (Scottish Universities International Summer School) Program. Not only did Shiv Nadar University help in attaining this degree of exposure to such an exciting program, it helped me to gain a substantial scholarship which made my trip to Scotland and the University of Edinburgh possible. Since many of my seniors had attended this summer school last year, it was all the more easy to get a taste of how worthwhile the experience would be.

"This being my first visit abroad, it was a delight to alight in Scotland, now certified as the most beautiful country in the world. It was as much of an adventure as it was a process of learning. The Summer School guarantees that we interact with people from diverse backgrounds and faraway countries, while ensuring that we meet and discuss at the heart of Edinburgh, one of the most literary cities one can find. I had a chance to be regaled by old legends and origin stories of all the great stories of my childhood, be it Sherlock Holmes or Treasure Island (and more so if you happen to be a Potterhead). Apart from the seminars and lectures, which are held by the most distinguished academics of Scotland in a classroom half the world away, the School follows both canonical and contemporary roots, allowing for a deeper reading of many texts popular in the recent years. Most important of all, a vital part of the Summer School takes place during Edinburgh Fringe Festival - the largest cultural festival in all of the world comprising of Theatre, Opera, Dance, Comedy, Musicals, and more, into which we escaped everyday and returned infinitely enriched. The Edinburgh Book Festival follows closely, which hosts many of the contemporary authors who represent all that is good in fiction today.

"Taking a step beyond the frontiers is a leap anyone should take, I believe. An experience like I had has certainly colored my life for all time to come. I would like to thank all the staff and my mates at SNU; without them a taste of the unknown would have not come and in the infinite run of things, I'm sure it will affect everyone."