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B.A. (Research) in English

The English Major is designed to provide a thorough introduction to the essential genres and intellectual movements within the discipline, as well as the opportunity to conduct sustained research in a specific area in the Senior year.

The following credit requirements apply to batches graduating in 2022 and later:

Key Information

School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS)
Dr Gautama Polanki, UG Advisor
Total Credits
Core Credits 
Major Electives 

The English Major consists of  24 four-credit courses, and one 12-credit Supervised Research Paper (UGSRP), to be completed in four years. The first two years aim at providing the student a historical grounding in the discipline. The student is familiarized with the most significant genres within literature and with great movements such as the humanism of the Renaissance, and modernism, that transformed the literary domain. The third and fourth years offer courses pitched at a more advanced level. This is the time for the student to get acquainted with particular lines of specialization. The individually supervised essay, written through the seventh and eighth semesters, trains the student to engage with rigor and depth in a focused area of research.

We are fundamentally opposed to the traditional practice of evaluating students through a single year-end exam. Instead, our excellent student-teacher ratio enables us to evaluate students throughout the academic session with the help of multiple modes of evaluation such as quizzes, seminars, and term papers.