Minor | Department of English


A Minor in English allows students from other disciplines to explore the domain of literary studies in a rigorous and sustained manner.

The student may consult the Undergraduate Advisor for English to work out an appropriate choice of courses based on the student's interests and background.

Minor requirements:

  • The student must complete a minimum of 6 courses from the English Department as University Wide Electives (UWE).
  • These 6 courses must include at least two "Core" English courses. The Core English courses are:
    • ENG104 Academic Writing
    • ENG143 Drama: Tropes and Adaptations
    • ENG240 Getting Verse
    • ENG241 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries
    • ENG245 South Asian Literature
    • ENG343 Landmarks in the Novel Form

Eligibility for getting registered as an English Minor:

- For SHSS students, the student must have completed at least one ENG course apart from ENG104

- For non-SHSS students, the student must have completed at least one ENG course.


1. You may register for the Minor when the application form is sent out by the Dean's office (typically at the beginning of the Monsoon semester in your second year). Even if you don't officially register for the minor but manage to meet the eligibility requirements by the end of the 8th semester, you can write to the department UG Advisor during the 8th semester and they will get you registered at that time. However, if you are clear about getting the minor right from the beginning, it is a good idea to get officially registered as early as possible so that you are given preference in course enrollments. 

2. Generally we recommend that you try to take 100 or 200 level courses early on, and 300 and 400 level courses in your later semesters. But this is not a strict rule. Our courses do not have prerequisites (except in the case of ENG444, whose prerequisite is ENG340), so you can do the courses in any order you please. In case you find your own timetable clashing with the 100 & 200 courses or that the class size is filled for those courses, do not hesitate to take something you like at the higher level.